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How much does a website cost?

A question many wonder when starting or building upon their internet marketing campaign, how much will a new or re-designed website cost? Many marketers will tell you it depends, which is correct. The answer depends on many things, similar to a home in real estate. The price will vary based on your geography, how sleek or modern the design is, how many extras or functions you need, theme, content, and the list goes on. There are also other features you need in a website to stay up to date with the latest search engine optimization best practices. These items include responsiveness/mobile compatibility, website speed, etc. There is also always the question of custom design, or uniqueness. Are you getting a design that was used on countless other businesses, or are you paying to get a truly custom design that no one else has.

These are all things to keep in mind when getting a quote on a new website. If a marketer can give you a price in the first minute of conversation, it is probably a canned approach or box theme website that has been used before. Every website and marketing campaign is unique and should be treated as such. Getting a unique, custom designed website that fulfills all your business needs and makes you happy to look at every day will obviously come at a different cost than a stock theme anyone can purchase. A few thousand vs a few hundred may seem like a big difference in website and internet marketing investment, but the difference in the finished product, brand power, traffic numbers and customer/lead acquisition will be much bigger in the end.

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