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Law Firm PPC

Pay-per-click (PPC) advertising programs such as Google Ads and Facebook Ads, are the backbone of many online marketing campaigns today. These ads allow you to hyper-target your audience while getting the most bang from your advertising buck. PPC campaigns, regardless of which platform you choose to run yours on, only charge you when someone clicks on your ad. So, you are only paying to advertise to genuine qualified leads. Our law firm PPC experts know how this type of advertising works, as well as the legal market and how your potential clients search for a law firm just like yours.

Legal Paid Search Advertising (Pay-Per-Click)

Strategically drive new business to your firm by expanding your firm’s online marketing presence through a paid search advertising campaign with MileMark Media PPC. Place your campaign in the hands of our law firm PPC experts who not only understand paid search advertising, but who also understand the legal market and how consumers and small businesses search for attorneys and law firms online.

Benefits of Legal PPC

While you will reap many benefits after running legal PPC campaigns, the biggest advantages are as follows:

  • Ranking in the SERPs: PPC ads will help you land on the first page of the search engine result pages (SERPs). Ninety percent of people do not move past the first page, meaning you can reach potential clients where they already are.
  • More traffic: Paid and organic marketing campaigns will both help bring clients in to your door. However, adding PPC increases traffic to your website by 66 percent over using organic alone.
  • Increased conversion rates: Users that arrive at your site from a pay-per-click ad are 50 percent more likely to convert into a client compared with a visitor that arrived at your site through an organic link.
  • Own the Page: Appearing in the organic, local and PPC sections of the page helps you own more of page one real estate, where over 90% of clicks take place.
  • Increase Qualified Traffic: Having both a paid and organic campaign can increase traffic up to 66% over organic alone1.
  • Increase Lead Conversion: Visitors who arrive at a site from paid search ads are 50% more likely to convert than those who come from clicking on a natural search link. Our certified paid search marketing experts will manage your firm’s campaign allowing you to focus on what you do best, practicing law.

We will assist your firm in:

  • Immediately enhancing your online visibility
  • Generating new leads for target practice areas and geographies.
  • Optimizing your overall online marketing investment.

Generate Leads Rapidly by Driving Additional Traffic to Your Site

Our certified experts craft campaigns that maximize your exposure to qualified prospects. Assert more control over your firm’s paid search campaign with:

  • Keyword Research: Our certified experts perform extensive research to determine the most regularly searched terms and time day searchers are entering the same or similar keyword phrases within your target practice areas and geographic location. We then continuously refine this initial keyword set to ensure your budget is being directed to the highest converting keywords, those driving qualified leads to your firm via phone or email!
  • Ad Copy: Get custom-written ads, all ad copy is continually tested with at least two ads being run simultaneously for any given keyword so we can identify the language that is attractive to the highest number of quality prospects.
  • Landing Pages: A key success factor in any campaign is the quality of the website to which prospective clients are taken. Our team will be making recommendations to improve your firm’s campaign landing pages prior to launch and suggest improvements post launch as soon actionable conversion data is collected. A Call to Action, Lead Capture form, Compelling Practice Area Focused Content and Third Party Ratings usage are potential areas of focus.
  • Local Targeting: Campaigns within a metropolitan or suburban area often require further individual, localized campaigns to maximize performance. Geo-targeting and geo-modified keywords allow your firm to more easily reach prospective clients near you in targeted markets.
  • Remarketing: Implement remarketing on your firm’s campaign when appropriate to enhance performance with targeted creative and appropriate frequency caps to ensure that further attention is drawn to your campaign without being overly intrusive.
  • Devices: Target computers, tablets and mobile devices. Mobile ads with “click to call” ability enabled are an essential part of the campaign strategy.
  • Conversion Tracking: Monitor the results of your campaign separately from your firm’s other online or offline marketing efforts with monthly phone and email lead reports. Our team will provide a monthly summary campaign report for your firm to track progress. Tracking the number of phone calls via a dedicated local call tracking number and email leads received with their source are essential to any successful paid search campaign.
  • Cutting Edge PPC Management: Leverage the use of an industry-leading tool that enables our expert team to define targets to enhance your firm’s campaign on key metrics such as impressions and clicks and adjusts bids in response to the dynamic PPC auction environment- ensuring your AdWords campaigns produce the quality leads you expect.

Creating Ads that Drive Traffic to Your Site

Our legal PPC experts understand what is needed to drive traffic to your site. When working with us, our team will:

  • Research keywords: We know how to efficiently and effectively determine which keywords are best for your law firm, as well as the time of day visitors are searching for them. We will not only initially research the highest quality keywords, but continue to perform research so you always draw in quality visitors.
  • Create ad copy: Every ad we write is unique and split tested so we can determine which one is most effective, and then build on that.
  • Landing pages: Legal PPC ads are just one part of the puzzle. The other part is the landing pages visitors arrive at after clicking on your ad. We will ensure these are quality pages and suggest improvements that could make them even better.
  • Local targeting: The online world has gone local in the past few years and we know how to create a campaign that will reach the potential clients that are right in your neighborhood.
  • Remarketing: Remarketing techniques allow us to help ensure that leads continue coming back to your website, which helps convert them into clients.
  • Go mobile: The search engines today place a focus on mobile ads, and we know how to ensure that your website, and your ads, are in compliance.
  • Tracking: Every month, our legal PPC experts will prepare a report drafted using our tracking measures that track the results of the PPC campaign only.

We Understand Legal Marketing – Put Our Knowledge to Work for You.

Our certified paid search specialists leverage their deep understanding of how consumers and small businesses search online for lawyers— combined with extensive keyword research to drive immediate results.

  • Immediate Launch: Our team can quickly develop a targeted keyword campaign for Google allowing ads to go live in hours.
  • Flexible Budgets: We can set daily, weekly and monthly budget caps to ensure your firm never spends more then you want. Our team can adjust keyword bids and budgets in real time in response to changes within the auction environment.
  • Highly targeted: Geo-targeting and geo-modified keywords means you can more easily reach consumers near you.
  • Control: Paid search advertising lets your firm control messaging as well as how and where you appear with the Google search results. Targeted landing pages drive searchers to the information they are seeking.

Serving the entire US:

Contact Our Law Firm PPC Experts Today

Embarking on a PPC campaign can be overwhelming and intimidating, particularly for those that have never set one up before. Fortunately, while you are busy running your law firm, our legal PPC experts can set up your campaigns, ensure they run smoothly, and that they draw in the revenue you are hoping for. When you need to increase your online presence and convert more visitors into clients, call us to learn more about how we can help.

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