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Atlanta Law Firm Marketing

As a lawyer, you want to help as many people as possible with their legal disputes and challenges. To do this though, you must have an online presence so potential clients can find you. More than half of consumers research  the goods and services they need before physically visiting a space, and that includes people looking for legal services. If these potential clients cannot find you online, they will find another law firm and use them instead. At MileMark Media, our Atlanta law firm marketing experts can create a law firm website for you, or tweak your current one, so you stand head and shoulders above the competition.

Atlanta Law Firm Website Design

When considering Atlanta law firm web design, it is easy to assume that design only involves the content and graphics you use on your website. However, this is not true. The design of your website has a huge impact on how visitors view it, the ease of which they can navigate the site, and even how they feel about your firm while spending on your site, and afterwards.

Google’s algorithms largely determine the design of websites, as webmasters must comply with them to ensure the site is seen by a larger audience. In 2016, Google made a major change to their algorithms and now, mobile sites are prioritized over those that are not mobile-friendly. If you are uncertain about the mobility of your website, or you know your design needs some tweaking, our Atlanta law firm web design experts are here to help.

What is a Mobile Website?

A mobile website is simply a site that allows people to view it easily on a mobile device. More than 90 percent of American adults carry a smartphone today and for many of them, it is the main way they access the Internet. When these users land on a site, they do not want to deal with pages or images that will not load properly, or that requires excessive scrolling to properly view. This is why mobile websites are so important today.

A mobile website provides all the same features as websites that are not mobile-friendly but simply makes it easier for mobile users to access. A mobile website essentially shrinks your website down to size so it is easy to view on mobile devices. When using a mobile website, you can still include calls to action, one-tap calling, and one-click contact points.

Responsive Website Design vs. Separate Websites

When working with our Atlanta law firm web design experts, we will discuss the many options available for creating a mobile-friendly website. When creating a mobile website, you can choose either a responsive website design or a separate website entirely.

A responsive website design is just that. It is a design that responds to the type of device someone is using and customizes the website so it can appear properly on their mobile device. A separate website is one that does not respond to the user’s device but that will appear in mobile search engine results pages. Separate mobile websites can still include many different features, but they are usually more condensed versions of the main site, which is not as ideal as it could result in missing information and a menu that is not as easy to navigate.

Why Your Website Matters

Your website is the foundation of your online presence. Any paid ads you run online will direct potential clients to your site, and it also allows you to organically attract new clients and stay top of mind with clients you have helped in the past. Your website is also one of the main ways you will tell leads and clients about your firm, the attorneys within it, and the successful verdicts and settlements you have secured for past clients.

We know how important a website is to any business, including law firms, and it is why we create sites that are not only polished, but that also function the way you and your clients need them to. Once your website is up and running, you can then build on it and expand it as your online presence continues to grow.

The Functions Of Your Website

You may want a website that is polished and looks highly professional. This is important when attracting new clients, but you also must ensure your website is just as functional as it is attractive. We understand this, which is why all of our Atlanta law firm websites include:

  • Navigation that is easy to use
  • Integration with online mediums, such as Twitter, Facebook, and more
  • Lead generation forms
  • Chatbots
  • Search functions
  • Professional logos
  • Inbound and outbound links
  • Location maps
  • Calls to action

After speaking to you about your website needs, we will ensure it contains all of the features most important to you, including those listed above, and more.

Going Mobile

One of the most important functions of your site is its mobility. While not a function seen on the page, it is one of the most important ones that is integrated into the very creation of your site. In 2016, Google announced that it was giving priority to mobile websites in the search engine results pages (SERPs) and so, if your site is not mobile-friendly, fewer users will see it.

The users that do still happen to land on your site may battle with images that will not load properly, and long pages of text that require excessive scrolling. This is frustrating and it will not be long before users leave your site to head to a competitor that has made it easier for them to obtain the information they need. We know the importance of creating websites that are mobile-friendly, so you capture more leads and convert them into clients.

Atlanta Law Firm SEO

Over 12 billion unique searches are performed every month on Google, and most people are looking for local businesses when they conduct these searches. As a law firm, increasing your online presence is fairly easy and can be done in just a few easy steps. Still, too many law practices do not take the time to prioritize their website and other elements that contribute to their online presence. At MileMark Media, our Atlanta law firm SEO experts know how important your online presence is, and we will give it the boost it needs while you focus on your clients.

What is Search Engine Optimization (SEO)?

Atlanta law firm search engine optimization, more commonly known as SEO, provides a way for your law firm to appear organically in the search engine results pages (SERPs). The better quality your SEO is, the higher it will appear in the SERPs, and the more users will see it. There are a number of SEO tactics that can be used within your website including using important keywords, creating inbound and outbound links from authoritative websites, and more.

We do all of this to drive traffic to your site so you can see the progress that has been made. However, do not take our word for it. We also provide traffic and lead reports so you can see just how well your website is doing.

Going Local

The online world is immense and you may wonder how you are going to get your website seen among the countless number of websites out there. Local optimization is part of SEO that addresses this problem and gets your website seen by the people right in your community. Local optimization means incorporating local keywords, creating listings in online directories such as Google My Business, and more. You want to reach the people in your neighborhood that are already looking for a law firm, and local optimization helps you do it.

Social Media Optimization

General search engine optimization and optimizing your website for local searches are both important aspects of Atlanta law firm SEO. However, they are only parts of the bigger picture. To ensure your online presence reaches its full potential, you must also optimize your social media accounts using custom blogs that will attract your target audience, keep visitors engaged, and use both organic and sponsored posts that will give your online presence the boost it needs.

Call Our Law Firm Marketing Team in Atlanta When You Need a Website

If you do not yet have an Atlanta law firm website, or you need to tweak your existing one, our experts at MileMark Media are here to help. We know how to create a website that will attract new clients, and the search engines, too. Call our Atlanta legal marketing experts today at 866-598-6235 or contact us online to learn more about how we can get you the website your firm needs.

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