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Florida Law Firm Marketing

Website Design & SEO Experts In Florida

Every law firm today needs a professional website that tells visitors about their services, and how they can provide the necessary legal assistance. Whether you’re a family lawyer, criminal defense lawyer, or running a multi-practice law firm, you need the help of our full-service law firm marketing company. We can provide you with an entire website that is easy to find by online users, and that will create local awareness of your firm. Below are just a few of the Florida law firm marketing services we offer to help your firm stand above the rest.

Florida Law Firm Website Design

If you’re an attorney in Florida, you need a website. The legal profession has intense competition, more than most industries. With all the billboards, television ads, and the Internet, it’s more difficult to stand out among your competition today than it’s ever been before. While many law firms may spend much of their resources on marketing tactics that aren’t really effective, you can get the marketing you need with the right Florida legal web design.

When your website is professional and polished, potential clients will know your firm is, too. Our Florida law firm web design experts can provide you with that design, and get your message across to more leads.

Top Notch Web Design

As an attorney, your website is your face to the world. It allows clients to understand the type of attorney they are working with, and allows them to learn a little more about you and your firm. We understand this, which is why we have dedicated ourselves to helping lawyers in Florida create an online presence that is impressive and professional. Over the years, we have learned what works in Florida law firm websites, and what doesn’t. We want to put that experience to work for you so your firm will stand head and shoulders above the competition.

Effective SEO Practices

A great web design will certainly impress any visitor that comes to your site. However, to find your website, it must include proper SEO techniques and strategies. While many attorney marketing firms will include only keywords within their SEO plan, we go far beyond those.

We will include links to increase your ranking within Google, ensure your site is mobile-friendly to attract visitors wherever they are, and effectively promote your location to get the clients closest to you. We do all of this, and more, so clients can find you faster and easier.

Social Media for Online Presence

Many law firms haven’t yet given much thought to their social media pages. We know this is a mistake. A proven and effective social media strategy is necessary to build your online presence. You can use your profiles to share legal news within your community, answer common questions, and to share news from within your firm. Leveraging your profiles across at least a few of the most popular social media platforms, such as Facebook or Twitter, is a great way to bring in even more of your target audience.

Due to the fact that many attorneys have not yet utilized their social media profiles effectively, this type of lawyer marketing can also set a firm or attorney apart from their competition. We will ensure your profiles are interesting, engaging, and reflect your firm’s image.

Types of Law Firm Website Features

The best lawyer websites look simple enough. However, they include features that make it stand out from the rest, and contribute to the overall professional feel of the site. Some of the law firm website features we offer include:

  • Logo design
  • Stock and customized photos
  • Custom homepage
  • Branding
  • Custom subpages
  • SEO
  • Lead generation forms
  • Live chat options

These are just a few of the options we provide for the attorney websites we design. We will also ensure we understand what you need out of your website, and include any features or content unique to your firm.

Serving these major cities and beyond:

Florida Law Firm SEO

When people are looking for information today, such as lawyers that are nearby, they usually use the Internet to do it. After having search results returned, no one looks past the first page. Many don’t even scroll down very far. As such, Florida law firm SEO becomes critically important. SEO puts your website right in front of potential clients so that when they need help with their case, you’re the first they call.

SEO is a long-term marketing strategy. It’s also one of the most effective and the most affordable. When taking on an SEO campaign, it’s important to speak to a professional legal SEO firm that can help. Below are just a few of the things our Florida law firm SEO experts can do for you.

Website Optimization

To rank your site, Google must first be able to find it. To do this your site must include not only content and images, but also headers, title tags, meta attributions and of course, your unique URL. Google uses all of these when combing through millions of websites to deliver visitors the results they need. If you do not include this law firm SEO within your site, people simply won’t be able to find it.

Easy Navigation

When visitors come to your site, they are looking for information and they want to find it quickly. To ensure they are able to do this, pages such as practice areas and contact information must be easy to find. If visitors become frustrated looking for the information they need, they’ll leave and visit another website. Simple navigation is important not only for a Florida law firm’s SEO, but also for lead generation.

Great Content

There’s a reason they say that content is king online today. Relevant, informative content that is regularly updated is one of the backbones of lawyer SEO practices. It’s important to craft this content carefully. It must include important keywords, but not be so packed with them that the search engines flag it. A legal SEO firm will know the balance, and use that knowledge to help your website climb in the ranks.


The online community is meant to be one of sharing, and the search engines realize this. As such, they reward websites that link to other websites higher in the search results. However, these links must be used carefully, as well. Only credible and official links should be used and just like keywords, there is a limit to how many should be used. A Pennsylvania attorney SEO firm will also know which sites the search engines consider reputable for backlinks, and use those to help a law firm’s website.

Your Goal is Our Goal

Our websites are always converting, engaging, and educating your audience. However, no two law firms have the same objectives. As such, we create attorney websites that are as unique as the attorneys and firms they represent. We also know that there are many common goals among law firm websites.

We know you want more conversions, more leads, and more traffic, and we can get you all of it. We can take outdated websites and transform them with a modern design that will impress and speak to the clients you’re trying to reach. Once your attorney website design is planned, we will also use a proven formula to not only get more people to your site, but also convert them once they are there.

Types of Law Firm Website Features

The best lawyer websites look simple enough. However, they include features that make it stand out from the rest, and contribute to the overall professional feel of the site. Some of the law firm website features we offer include:

  • Logo design
  • Stock and customized photos
  • Custom homepage
  • Branding
  • Custom subpages
  • SEO
  • Lead generation forms
  • Live chat options

These are just a few of the options we provide for the attorney websites we design. We will also ensure we understand what you need out of your website, and include any features or content unique to your firm.

Measurable Results

As an attorney, you need results and at the negotiation table or in the courtroom, you know how to get them. We know how to achieve results with our attorney website design so you can see the same success.

We understand the importance of accurate analytics that provide up-to-the-minute results. After analyzing this data, we will rework the strategies used, try a different solution altogether, or stay the course. We do this so you can receive the measurable results you need, and that you’re accustomed to getting.

Why Choose Us?

It’s true there are a lot of marketing firms that can provide you with attorney web design. However, we will provide you with an exceptional service that delivers real results that you can see. When you choose us, you will:

  • Gain credibility among your target audience
  • Stop spending money on bad design
  • Increase the chances of your target audience finding you
  • Eliminate inconsistent and unqualified online leads
  • Have legal web design that is continuous and does not experience excessive downtime or glitches
  • Eliminate the threat of phishing scams, viruses, and malware
  • Provide reassurance with regular backups of your website
  • Never have to worry about making updates to your website

As an attorney, you want to focus on your practice and your clients. When you choose us, you’ll never have to worry about any of the moving parts that comprise a website. We’ll take care of it all for you.

How We Work

When you choose us to create your lawyer web design, we will work with you to ensure you are getting a website that reflects your law firm properly, and that includes everything you need. There are a number of ways we make sure that’s exactly what we’re providing.

We start by simply listening to what you need. We’ll ask about your overall goals, what you need for branding and imaging, and who your ideal clients are. We need to know these things to understand which audience we are targeting, and to provide you with what your target audience is searching for.

We will also consider any marketing you’ve done in the past. We will determine what your firm has done in the past and the effectiveness of those strategies. Then, we’ll listen to where you’d like your firm to be in the future. Based on that we can compare your marketing efforts with that of your competition, create a plan, and set milestones to further track and measure your firm’s success.

Once we understand your firm’s needs, we then get to work creating your website. We will prepare a site outline, content development and legal web design. You want to get back to your clients and cases, so we take care of the rest.

You and your team are professionals, and your website must reflect that. A proper website will not only inform visitors of your firm and practice areas, but also provide them with a way to get in touch with you right away. Opt-in forms, live chatbots, and other ways to contact you must all be included within your website design. When you include compelling web design as part of your law firm marketing plan, it lets your target audience know they are dealing with professionals.

Contact Our Florida Law Firm Marketing Experts Today

If you want to expand your firm’s online presence, build a following, and help those in your target audience find you more easily, call our Florida legal marketing specialists today. We will listen to your needs and offer professional advice on the digital marketing strategies that would work best for you and your firm. There may be clients out there right now looking for an attorney in your area of practice. Call us today and reach out to them all.

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