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Digital Marketing, Website Design & SEO Experts

Millions of unique searches are entered into the major search engines every month, the majority of them are to find local businesses. Why is it only a small percentage of organizations put thought into their website and search engine results, or even claim their online business listing with minimal effort? Our legal marketing experts have years of experience specifically marketing lawyers and law firms in the legal industry. We provide top notch service and results from start to finish, whether you need a new website for a new law firm, or want to revamp your current marketing efforts, the law firm marketing gurus at MileMark Media can help, contact us for a consultation today.

Focused Solely On Responsive Law Firm Websites Designed To Be Mobile Ready

Our expert legal web designers will develop a spectacular, professional website for your law firm using Responsive Web Design that provides an optimal viewing experience—easy reading and navigation with a minimum of resizing, panning, and scrolling—across a wide range of devices from mobile phones to desktop computer monitors.

Legal SEO & Local Optimization

  • Law Firm SEO – Expand your footprint online by grabbing a larger percentage of the organic search results. We write custom, high quality content targeted toward converting users and putting your pages in front of qualified searchers. We follow best practices in all aspects of SEO, our combined experience as law firm marketing experts will prove itself in the traffic and lead reports.
  • Local Optimization – Gain control over your law firm’s local online and GPS/Maps presence, ensure consistent information on all major business provider directories. Our local search experts manage, update, verify and refine your local citations on an ongoing basis, the result is a stronger presence in Google Maps, Bing, Yahoo, Apple, Waze, Yelp, and other major GPS Services and local websites. (All premium local services included)
  • Social Media & Blogging – Be found by qualified prospects looking for your law firm’s services on leading social networking websites, we create and/or takeover existing Facebook, Twitter & LinkedIn profiles. We optimize the profile and post custom, targeted blog posts each month to keep users engaged, we also run sponsored posts to increase likes. Social Media Optimization ties in strongly with Local Optimization and SEO to provide a good overall brand picture to the search engines and users.
  • Traffic Reporting, Call Tracking, Live Chat – We provide monthly reporting to assist your firm in measuring progress. We use industry standard Google Analytics for measuring traffic and reporting, all reports are manually cleaned of spam so you only see the actual traffic and leads coming into your site. We can also set up call tracking numbers and/or live chat service, both of which provide a greater level of detail into potential clients contacting the firm.

Social Media Marketing

You may have created a dynamic and responsive website, and you might even have multiple PPC campaigns running. Unfortunately, if you are not active on social media and you are not blogging regularly, your online marketing efforts are just not enough. Social media and blogging both allow you to boost your firm’s online presence and connect with potential clients, all while increasing your ranking in the search engines.

As a lawyer though, your days are already filled with helping clients through their legal problems. You do not have time to post on social media or write blog posts. Fortunately, while you are focusing on serving your clients, our marketing experts can help with your legal social media and blogging.

The Benefits of Social Media as a Lawyer

You may well know that people go online to find a business they need, and that includes when they need a lawyer. However, you may not know that they are not only using search engines to do this, but also social media sites. When you post to your lawyer social media page about an interesting case, legal issue, or other matter relevant to your practice, you will generate more interest and make it easier for more clients to find you.

Additionally, when you have a social media page, you can also start running ads on them. Those ads will be seen by even more potential clients that are searching for you, whether they follow you on the social media platform or not. All of the platforms today will provide some benefit for your firm, but it is has been shown that Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn are the best lawyer social media sites.

The Benefits of Blogging

Blogs have become a must-have tool in online marketing today. As many clients will find you through your blog as they will your website. A blogging platform will give you the chance to establish yourself as the expert on a certain topic, answer people’s questions, and demonstrate your expertise. Like your website, blog posts also capture the attention of the search engines, and can help improve your ranking, making your law firm more visible.

You may already have many ideas about what to post to your lawyer blog, or you may have no idea what users want to read about. To get the ball rolling, think about some of the most common questions your clients ask you. Each one of these could be its own blog post. You can also use news stories as inspiration and then cover the legal issue within it, or write about case studies that pertain to your area of law. Once the brainstorming process begins, you will likely find there are more topics than you could ever write about.

With MileMark Media Social Media, you’ll get:

  • Social Media Setup to engage potential client. Our team will set up your law firm’s Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn with feeds to your blog.
  • Blogs that communicates your firm’s message effectively.
  • Attorney authored content. Partner with our team to develop a blog content plan on your practice area and geographic focus. We will write blogs on a weekly or b-weekly basis.
  • Submission to Blog Directories that improves your blog’s exposure to searchers. We’ll submit your blog to legal blog lists and key blog directories.
  • Improve your firm’s chances of attracting prospective clients through your blog and top social media sites.
  • Establish your law firm as a respected source for information related to a specific practice area.
  • Promote your firm to those prospects currently not aware of your services driving more traffic to your website and generating more leads.

Legal PPC

Whether you know it or not, there are people in your area looking for a lawyer right now. When people have a legal issue, they often go online to find one, which is why it is so important that all lawyers have a website. Creating a website is just the beginning, though. Once your website is up and running, you can then use it as a foundation for other marketing efforts, such as lawyer pay-per-click (PPC) advertising. Legal PPC can boost your online presence and help convert users into clients, but only if you do it properly.

Create Copy Clients Cannot Ignore

For effective lawyer PPC, you must create ad copy that stands out to potential clients and delivers a message they cannot ignore. Good copywriting does require a bit of experimentation before you can determine which message users most relate to. It is sometimes worthwhile to run an ad for a week or so and then evaluate its performance to determine if changes are necessary.

The Right Keywords are Crucial

PPC platforms such as Google Ads rank your ad according to whether it is relevant and helpful to users. To ensure it is, you must create ad copy relevant to the keywords you bid on so the search engines give your ad a higher score. The higher your ad ranks, the better positioning it is given, and it also affects the price you pay per click.

Focus on Mobile

When potential clients search for a lawyer, they typically use a smartphone or other mobile device to do it. If you have already created a website, you likely know the importance of customizing for mobile, and it is a critical component of lawyer PPC, too. If your ad does not display properly on mobile devices, users will either not see it or become frustrated by it and scroll by your ad to click on a competitor’s instead.

Include Ad Extensions

Not only is it possible to include ad extensions in your lawyer PPC, such as call buttons and location information, but it also plays a major role in how your ad performs. Just as users do not want to work to see your ad copy on a mobile device, they also do not want to have to go to your website just to contact you. By incorporating ad extensions, you can make sure clients can reach you when they need you.

Make Landing Pages Relevant

You may think that when you embark on lawyer PPC, your website is no longer of any concern. However, that is not true. Your PPC ads might direct potential clients back to a landing page on your website. If it is not relevant to the ad, it is not what clients are looking for and they will quickly leave your site to find another lawyer.

Live Chat

You have many options for using chatbots, including the Facebook Messenger platform, which many businesses are taking advantage of today. The problem with these chatbots is that you have to send out a blanket message, without understanding if it is resonating with the right people. With legal live chat boxes on your website though, you can capture the attention of visitors that are looking for specific legal information, and do it in a way that converts those visitors to clients.

What is Live Chat?

After a visitor lands on your website, you have just seven to ten seconds to persuade them to contact your firm. Legal live chat allows you to attract visitors with a live greeting that is professional and available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Even when a representative from your firm is not available, live chat allows you to still connect with leads and obtain information that can help convert them into clients.

Legal live chat is extremely effective because it allows your firm to create a personal connection with your firm at any time. Even more importantly, it provides leads with the connection they need at the time they need it, rather than seeing an irrelevant ad pop up in third party apps.

Benefits of Legal Live Chat

Did you know that 57 percent of online visitors believe that a live help chat box is one of the most important features of a website? Or that 50 percent of online users have used these live chats or click-to-call buttons? These stats show that when you use legal live chat, you will interact with leads in the manner they prefer, which will make them more likely to convert into a client. Other benefits our legal live chat experts can bring your firm include:

  • Instant engagement through the live chat window that features a time delay of your firm’s choosing
  • Capturing leads every hour of every day on your website using live operators that are constantly available and that deliver a professional live greeting to all visitors
  • Trained representatives that do not provide legal advice, but that can collect important visitor information to connect you with leads when you are available
  • A screening process that identifies qualified leads so we can send only those visitors to your firm
  • Transcripts of conversations with leads sent to your email or phone so you can understand the history of the lead
  • Icons and windows on every page of your website so leads can connect with the representative at any time during their visit
  • A script customized for your firm to customize your firm’s differences
  • Mobile comparability to capture visitors using all devices

Serving the entire US:

Contact Our Experienced Legal Marketing Team Today

Our legal marketing, website design & SEO specialists can provide a consultation of your current site and the search engine landscape. Give us a call, email or live chat and we’d be happy to discuss your goals and review your law firm website for free.

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