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How do you market a law firm?

How do you market a law firm?

There are many ways to market a law firm, some of them include digital marketing, online and print display advertising, billboards, television and radio commercials, email and physical mail, and more. Some options will work better for certain law firms but in general the fastest growing trend in legal marketing is digital and internet. Below are some ways you can take advantage of marketing your law firm.

  1. Explore different marketing options – Use all options possible that suite your firm, especially free options. Claiming profiles and cleaning up your business information on the internet is a great start. Find what marketing avenues work for your firm.
  2. Create great content – Content is key in any marketing campaign, same applies to legal marketing. Create compelling, unique content that is good for readers and good for search engines. One good piece of content can go a long way.
  3. Word of mouth and referrals work – Referrals will always be an important part of law firm marketing and business. Keep good relationships with peers and clients, it can generate leads for a long time.
  4. Focus on reviews – In today’s marketing landscape reviews are more important than ever. Try to focus on encouraging good reviews without any spam tactics. Look at your law firm presence and review rating across multiple sites, see what clients are saying.
  5. Brand consistency – Take a look at your law firm’s branding, is it identical across mediums? The website, business profiles, cards, brochures and any other marketing material should have consistent branding with the look and feel of your firm. Logos, colors and themes are important for a website and other marketing assets, they can play a big part in conversion rate.
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