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How do I get clients as a law firm?

How do I get clients as a law firm?

Whether you are just out of law school or have been practicing for years, there are always answers to the question – How do I get clients as a law firm?. One of the easiest and fastest ways is simply word of mouth. Let all friends and family know about your law firm business. Here are a few more ways to get noticed.

Join Local Bar Associations

Joining bar associations around you is one of the first steps you should do as a new or existing lawyer who wishes to expand their presence. At the very least it will grow your personal network so you can rely on other experienced colleagues for advice. Many times it leads to relationships that create future leads.

Join Local Community Groups

Look for other community groups within your area, often these are great opportunities to network. You never know when your neighbors will need a lawyer.

Market Your Law Firm Online

Internet marketing and websites have become the dominating force in legal marketing. It is crucial today to have a website, even better if that website is branded with great content. Don’t skip this important marketing vertical, you will be surprised how much traffic and exposure a successful online legal marketing campaign can create.

Social Media

Let potential clients see who you are as a firm, in the form of imagery and quality content. Post often but make sure it engages your followers, look for latest trends and compelling content. Follow other relevant users and encourage them as well.

Paid & Display Advertising

There is paid advertising in the form of online PPC or pay per click, as well as print and display advertising. Much of paid and display advertising is costly, and reserved for firms with high marketing budgets. This does not mean you should rule it out, experiment with campaigns within your means, see if paid advertising helps your law firm.

Lead Generation Services

There are many lead generation services out there, especially in legal marketing, not many are great. Make sure you aren’t sucked into any type of paid agreement that doesn’t lead to results for your firm. Oftentimes these services are costly, and the leads aren’t always qualified.

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