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There are billions of unique searches performed in the United States every month, the majority of them are to find local businesses. Why is it only a small percentage of organizations put thought into search engine results, or even claim their online business listings for minimal effort? Our law firm SEO experts have years of experience specifically marketing attorneys and law firms in the legal industry.

Making sure your firm is visible in organic search results is critical to remaining competitive in today’s online landscape, and just as much so with local results and Google Maps. With Google, Bing™ and Yahoo!® now prominently featuring local results and maps in the majority of search engine result pages, local search is now more important than ever to ensure potential clients are finding your firm. By optimizing the website and keeping local citations correct and consistent, you provide an opportunity for prospects to find and select your firm locally and organically. Our law firm SEO experts also ensure correct information on major social media networks, creating the strongest overall brand view for users and search engines.

Let MileMark Media improve your organic, local and social online reputation today, contact our law firm SEO & local optimization experts.

MileMark Media™ SEO & Local Optimization

  • Search Engine Optimization – Expand your footprint online by grabbing a larger percentage of the organic search results. We write custom, high quality content targeted toward converting users and putting your pages in front of qualified searchers. We follow best practices in all aspects of SEO, our combined experience as law firm marketing experts will prove itself in the traffic and lead reports.
  • Local Optimization – Gain control over your law firm’s local online and GPS/Maps presence, ensure consistent information on all major business provider directories. Our local search experts manage, update, verify and refine your local citations on an ongoing basis, the result is a stronger presence in Google Maps, Bing, Yahoo, Apple, Waze, Yelp, and other major GPS Services and local websites. (All premium local services included)
  • Social Media Optimization – Be found by qualified prospects looking for your law firm’s services on leading social networking websites, we create and/or takeover existing Facebook, Twitter & LinkedIn profiles. We optimize the profile and post custom, targeted blog posts each month to keep users engaged, we also run sponsored posts to increase likes. Social Media Optimization ties in strongly with Local Optimization and SEO to provide a good overall brand picture to the search engines and users.
  • Traffic Reporting, Call Tracking, Live Chat – We provide monthly reporting to assist your firm in measuring progress. We use industry standard Google Analytics for measuring traffic and reporting, all reports are manually cleaned of spam so you only see the actual traffic and leads coming into your site. We can also set up call tracking numbers and/or live chat service, both of which provide a greater level of detail into potential clients contacting the firm.

How Long Does SEO Take?

This is a popular question that comes up when talking about SEO and internet marketing. It is a fair question to ask an internet marketer or agency, but not always a fair answer. You can get various answers to this question, but many marketers will simply tell you they are not certain. That is because there is no time-frame you can accurately predict when SEO results will kick in. You can estimate a time period range based on past results for other campaigns, but that could end up inaccurate. SEO is a process, it is on-going.

There is also the question of goals and expectations, how long does SEO take…to achieve X goal. That goal is usually in the form of search engine rankings, but should also be in the form of traffic and leads. Even if a goal or set of goals is met for a law firm marketing campaign, there is always more that could be done. Here are some things to keep in mind when thinking about a SEO time-frame.

  • What are my immediate and long term goals for this SEO campaign
  • Will I participate in marketing items needed to help my SEO campaign
  • Am I willing to accept the mindset that SEO is an on-going process, not a one time event
  • No single keyword, ranking, or piece of content will make or break your website or SEO campaign
  • Rankings don’t matter as much as you think, traffic and leads do
  • Although the internet moves fast, SEO doesn’t move as fast

With all of this in mind you can now set your expectations for a SEO timeframe. Keep a close eye on your monthly reports, look for increases in traffic, leads, phone calls to the law firm, and rankings, but rankings are just one piece. It is fairly safe to say with all things considered, if you don’t see positive trends in at least some of these metrics within 6 months to the first year, you are not getting the results you need.

Leverage Our Law Firm SEO Expertise Today

Our law SEO experts ensure consistent, ongoing visibility in organic search results to drive prospective clients to your firm and convert those visits into leads. Our SEO processes are at the forefront of the online legal marketing landscape. We will create a custom program to keep your firm ahead of your competition and in front of qualified local prospects.

Find out how MileMark Media™ SEO and Local Optimization can help your law firm successfully compete in your local market.

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We aren’t the type of company to over-promise and under-deliver when it comes to building your legal website and/or law firm brand. We have built hundreds of custom, responsive law firm websites completely up to Google’s latest mobile and optimization standards, we work hard toward each of our clients’ goals. We have 50+ years of combined legal marketing expertise at MileMark Media, we exclusively build and market attorney websites for the legal industry. We utilize only the best strategies from our dozens of studies and experiences on optimizing sites, conversions, trends and outcomes. Boost your law firm’s presence online, contact our legal website & SEO experts for a free website consultation today.

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