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Decades of Legal Marketing Experience

Law Firm Website Design, SEO, Social Media & Blogging

With so many legal marketing companies out there, is MileMark Media the right choice for your firm? Let’s break down the key components of an effective web marketing program and compare how our legal marketing services stack up to both your current provider and other potential competitors.

At MileMark Media, we exclusively build law firm websites. We utilize our extensive industry knowledge, incorporate dynamic strategies from our dozens of studies on optimizing conversions and implement best practices that support our findings. We are the best of both worlds when it comes to internet marketing and legal marketing, let us build you the perfect law firm website.

The foundation of any digital marketing program is your website.

With so many legal marketing companies out there, is MileMark Media the right choice for your firm? Let’s break down the key components of an effective web marketing program and compare how our legal marketing services stack up to both your current provider and other potential competitors.

  • 01 Does your current provider focus exclusively on law firm websites & SEO?
  • 02 Do they understand and comply with your state’s strict bar rules and regulations?
  • 03 Have they incorporated best practices to drive conversions and instantly engage with prospective clients?
  • 04 Is your site currently built with a responsive design so that it does not lose its integrity no matter what device it is being viewed on?

Legal Website Design & SEO

We provide the highest quality legal marketing solutions with superior customer service.

  • Website Previews

    Legal Websites

    61% of people would move onto another site if they did not immediately find what they are looking for on their mobile device. So, if your firm’s site is not mobile-friendly you’ll be missing out in a big way!

  • Google Search Screenshot

    Legal SEO

    There are 100 billion searches per month on Google. Of the 30 billion mobile searches a year, 12 billion are local. 70% of users click on organic results and most importantly 75% of users never click past the 1st page.

  • Photo of Phone Displaying Apps

    Legal Social Media & Blogging

    Facebook® 1.15 Billion users, Twitter® 500 million users, Google +® 500 million users, LinkedIn® 238 million users. Social media generates almost double the marketing leads of trade shows, telemarketing or direct mail.

  • Magnifying Glass Over Sites

    Legal PPC

    64% percent of people looking to quickly secure products or services clicked on sponsored results. When consumers have an immediate need they see sponsored results sooner and choose them over other options.

Our Latest Work

Impactful website designs to best represent your law practice

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  • Website Screenshot
  • Website Screenshot
  • Website Screenshot
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Law Firm Marketing, Website Design & SEO

At MileMark Media, we exclusively build law firm websites. Our team of experts has spent the better part of their lives marketing law firms. We create cutting edge websites, stay on top of the latest digital marketing trends, and provide the highest level of service and responsiveness. Every campaign is custom created to meet our client’s goals, and we have done it successfully for law firms of various sizes across the country. Contact the MileMark legal marketing experts today for a free website audit and consultation, and let 50+ combined years of law firm marketing experience work for you.

Our Approach

Website Design: We develop every law firm website with a responsive design to enable every visitor the most optimal viewing experience. Consumers are conducting a growing number of searches on mobile devices and tablets. In fact, mobile searches have surpassed laptop and desktop searches already. We

SEO: Once the law firm website is completed, the next critical step is driving traffic to the site through effective legal SEO (search engine optimization). Does your current vendor update your site’s content and invest ample hours to effectively increase your site’s authority? Google changed their algorithms over 400 times last year. Staying on top of such changes and making the necessary adjustments with your site is critical. At MileMark Media, we understand that similar to an attorney’s stock in trade, effective optimization comes down to simply time and expertise. Our law firm marketing experts invest a significant number of hours on a monthly basis to ensure that they stay on top of the constant changes and maintain strong overall rankings and traffic.

Social Media & Blogging: Another key component to an effective online marketing program is to have a strong Social Media and Blog presence. It is essential to establish social media pages for your law firm that mirrors your website and syndicates content across all social media. Developing an effective Social Media strategy will expand your network and generate new clients. At MileMark Media, we realize it is important to develop and maintain an effective social media strategy. We not only write the content and manage the process, but similar to our optimization solutions, we analyze the respective results and continue to modify based upon the desired performance.

Paid Search: We analyze the best approach for your firm and geography. The Google LSA program has now become a popular option along with the traditional PPC. We have experts ready to create the best paid search plan to reach your traffic and lead goals.

Law Firm & Digital Marketing Trends For 2024

The law firm marketing landscape continues to evolve in 2024, driven by technological advancements, shifting client expectations, and the impact of global events. As law firms navigate this dynamic environment, it becomes increasingly crucial to stay on top of emerging marketing trends to remain competitive and effectively reach target audiences. Here are some key trends shaping law firm marketing strategies in 2024:

Personalization and Client-Centric Approach

Law firms are increasingly adopting personalized marketing strategies tailored to the specific needs and preferences of individual clients. This approach involves leveraging data analytics and client feedback to deliver customized content, services, and communications. By focusing on building strong, personalized relationships, law firms can enhance client satisfaction and foster long-term loyalty.

Content Marketing Dominance

Content marketing continues to reign supreme as a cornerstone of law firm marketing efforts. In 2024, there’s a greater emphasis on producing high-quality, value-driven content that educates, informs, and engages target audiences. From thought leadership articles and blog posts to podcasts, webinars, and videos, law firms are leveraging diverse content formats to showcase expertise, establish credibility, and attract prospective clients.

Video Marketing Expansion

Video content is gaining momentum as a powerful tool for law firms to connect with audiences in a more engaging and memorable way. In 2024, we see an expansion of video marketing initiatives, including client testimonials, case study highlights, attorney profiles, and educational videos on legal topics. With the proliferation of platforms like TikTok, Instagram Reels, and LinkedIn Stories, law firms are exploring creative ways to leverage short-form video content to drive brand visibility and engagement.

SEO and Local Search Optimization

As online competition intensifies, law firms are doubling down on search engine optimization (SEO) strategies to improve visibility and attract organic traffic to their websites. In addition to optimizing for relevant keywords and phrases, there’s a growing focus on local search optimization to capture the attention of prospective clients in specific geographic regions. Law firms are investing in local SEO tactics such as Google My Business optimization, local directory listings, and location-specific content to enhance their online presence and attract local clientele.

PPC & LSA (Local Services Ads)

Many businesses and law firms are finding the pay-per-lead model of Google’s new LSA beneficial vs PPC pay-per-click. Local services ads have top position in the search engine results, include an attorney photo, and have the ability to dispute non-qualified leads. However it can be tricky to rank in the top position when there are only 2 spots, budget and local reviews are a huge factor in those rankings.

Social Media Engagement and Advocacy

Social media platforms continue to play a pivotal role in law firm marketing strategies, offering opportunities for brand building, thought leadership, and client engagement. In 2024, law firms are actively engaging on platforms like LinkedIn, X, and Facebook to share valuable insights, participate in industry discussions, and showcase their expertise. Moreover, there’s a rising trend of employee advocacy programs, where attorneys and staff members are encouraged to amplify the firm’s messaging and contribute to its online presence through their personal social media channels.

Embrace of Emerging Technologies

Law firms are embracing emerging technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI), automation, and chatbots to streamline marketing processes, enhance client experiences, and gain a competitive edge. AI-powered tools are being utilized for data analysis, predictive modeling, and personalized content recommendations, enabling law firms to deliver more targeted and effective marketing campaigns. Chatbots are also being deployed on websites to provide instant support, answer common inquiries, and facilitate lead generation and client intake processes.

Ethical and Transparent Communication

In an era of heightened awareness around data privacy and ethical considerations, law firms are prioritizing transparent communication and ethical marketing practices. Clients expect clear and honest communication regarding fees, services, and potential outcomes, and law firms are striving to meet these expectations while upholding professional standards and regulatory compliance. Building trust through transparent communication fosters stronger client relationships and enhances the firm’s reputation in the marketplace.

Law firm & digital marketing trends in 2024 are characterized by a blend of technological innovation and client-centricity. By embracing these trends and leveraging them effectively, law firms can position themselves for success in an increasingly competitive and dynamic market environment.

Marketing A Law Firm

There are many ways to market a law firm, some of them include digital marketing, online and print display advertising, billboards, television and radio commercials, email and physical mail, and more. Some options will work better for certain law firms but in general the fastest growing trend in legal marketing is digital and internet. Below are some ways you can take advantage of marketing your law firm.

  1. Explore different marketing options – Use all options possible that suite your firm, especially free options. Claiming profiles and cleaning up your business information on the internet is a great start. Find what marketing avenues work for your firm.
  2. Create great content – Content is key in any marketing campaign, same applies to law firm marketing. Create compelling, unique content that is good for readers and good for search engines. One good piece of content can go a long way.
  3. Word of mouth and referrals work – Referrals will always be an important part of law firm marketing and business. Keep good relationships with peers and clients, it can generate leads for a long time.
  4. Focus on reviews – In today’s marketing landscape reviews are more important than ever. Try to focus on encouraging good reviews without any spam tactics. Look at your law firm presence and review rating across multiple sites, see what clients are saying.
  5. Brand consistency – Take a look at your law firm’s branding, is it identical across mediums? The website, business profiles, cards, brochures and any other marketing material should have consistent branding with the look and feel of your firm. Logos, colors and themes are important for a website and other marketing assets, they can play a big part in conversion rate.

Getting Clients As A Law Firm

Whether you are just out of law school or have been practicing for years, there are always answers to the question – How do I get clients as a law firm? One of the easiest and fastest ways is simply word of mouth. Let all friends and family know about your law firm business. Here are a few more ways to get noticed.

Join Local Bar Associations – Joining bar associations around you is one of the first steps you should do as a new or existing lawyer who wishes to expand their presence. At the very least it will grow your personal network so you can rely on other experienced colleagues for advice. Many times it leads to relationships that create future leads.

Join Local Community Groups – Look for other community groups within your area, often these are great opportunities to network. You never know when your neighbors will need a lawyer.

Market Your Law Firm Online – Internet marketing and websites have become the dominating force in law firm marketing. It is crucial today to have a website, even better if that website is branded with great content. Don’t skip this important marketing vertical, you will be surprised how much traffic and exposure a successful online legal marketing campaign can create.

Social Media – Let potential clients see who you are as a firm, in the form of imagery and quality content. Post often but make sure it engages your followers, look for latest trends and compelling content. Follow other relevant users and encourage them as well.

Paid & Display Advertising – There is paid advertising in the form of online PPC or pay per click, as well as print and display advertising. Much of paid and display advertising is costly, and reserved for firms with high marketing budgets. This does not mean you should rule it out, experiment with campaigns within your means, see if paid advertising helps your law firm.

Lead Generation Services – There are many lead generation services out there, especially in legal marketing, not many are great. Make sure you aren’t sucked into any type of paid agreement that doesn’t lead to results for your firm. Oftentimes these services are costly, and the leads aren’t always qualified.

MileMark Proudly Serves The Entire USA

Law Firm Marketing FAQs

How Much Does A Website Cost?

A question many wonder when starting or building upon their internet marketing campaign, how much will a new or re-designed website cost? Many marketers will tell you it depends, which is correct. The answer depends on many things, similar to a home in real estate. The price will vary based on your geography, how sleek or modern the design is, how many extras or functions you need, theme, content, and the list goes on. There are also other features you need in a website to stay up to date with the latest search engine optimization best practices. These items include responsiveness/mobile compatibility, website speed, etc. There is also always the question of custom design, or uniqueness. Are you getting a design that was used on countless other businesses, or are you paying to get a truly custom design that no one else has.

These are all things to keep in mind when getting a quote on a new website. If a marketer can give you a price in the first minute of conversation, it is probably a canned approach or box theme website that has been used before. Every website and marketing campaign is unique and should be treated as such. Getting a unique, custom designed website that fulfills all your business needs and makes you happy to look at every day will obviously come at a different cost than a stock theme anyone can purchase. A few thousand vs a few hundred may seem like a big difference in website and internet marketing investment, but the difference in the finished product, brand power, traffic numbers and customer/lead acquisition will be much bigger in the end.

How Long Does SEO Take?

This is a popular question that comes up when talking about SEO and internet marketing. You can get various answers to this question, but many marketers will simply tell you they are not certain. That is because there is no time-frame you can accurately predict when SEO results will kick in. You can estimate a time period range based on past results for other campaigns, but that could end up inaccurate. SEO is a process, it is on-going.

There is also the question of goals and expectations, how long does SEO take…to achieve X goal. That goal is usually in the form of search engine rankings, but should also be in the form of traffic and leads. Even if a goal or set of goals is met for a legal marketing campaign, there is always more that could be done. Here are some things to keep in mind when thinking about a SEO time-frame.

  • What are my immediate and long term goals for this SEO campaign
  • Will I participate in marketing items needed to help my SEO campaign
  • Am I willing to accept the mindset that SEO is an on-going process, not a one time event
  • No single keyword, ranking, or piece of content will make or break your website or SEO campaign
  • Rankings don’t matter as much as you think, traffic and leads do
  • Although the internet moves fast, SEO doesn’t move as fast

With all of this in mind you can now set your expectations for a SEO timeframe. Keep a close eye on your monthly reports, look for increases in traffic, leads, phone calls to the law firm, and rankings, but rankings are just one piece. It is fairly safe to say with all things considered, if you don’t see positive trends in at least some of these metrics within 6 months to the first year, you are not getting the results you need.

How Do I Market My Law Firm On Social Media?

A growing trend in the current marketing landscape is social media marketing. So how do you market your law firm on social media? Follow some of our steps below to begin your law firm social media marketing campaign.

  1. Create or claim all relevant profiles out there for your law firm – Facebook, Instagram, X, LinkedIn
  2. Correct the information in these profiles to match your current business info, make sure the website matches exactly as well
  3. Add current photos of the law firm logos, attorneys, staff, building, and any other relevant photography
  4. Make sure the website link and any other profile links are filled out and correct
  5. Follow other relevant users on all social media channels
  6. Engage your followers with a content strategy

The last step is the hardest one, it requires planning and unique, quality content. Once you have your profiles established you have to regularly post content and engage users, it is the best way to gain new followers and interact with your current ones. One of the easiest ways to do this is blogging on your website. If you can generate some good blog ideas relevant to your business, have them written and posted to the website. Then take those posts and syndicate them across all your social media channels. The more engaging the blog post, the better it will do across your channels. You are also now increasing your brand presence and establishing yourself as an industry leader.

How Often Should I Blog?

Blogging is a powerful tactic and should be part your digital marketing campaign, there is always something to blog about. Blogging topics for your legal marketing campaign can cover legal news, FAQs, firm news, change in laws, case results, and more. Whether you are generating blog ideas, have written posts ready to go, or haven’t even started the process, you may wonder how often to post. A general rule is at least a couple times per month, weekly being better. If you can average one blog post a week that is great.

Blogging, if done correctly with a content strategy, offers fresh content to users and search engines. It tells Google you are constantly offering new content, whether that be weekly or monthly. If the content is engaging enough and you post it to your social media channels, you have a good chance of increasing your engagement, traffic and eventually leads/sales.

What Makes Good Legal Content?

Legal content can prove more difficult than some other industries, but there is plenty of room to be creative and unique. The goal of engaging content is to appeal to as many people as possible, and prove some value to that audience. With this in mind here are some possibilities for content topics:

  • Current events
  • Changes in law relevant to the widest audience possible
  • Celebrity legal news
  • Scholarships
  • Law firm media/press
  • Awards
  • Community Service

Of course you also want fresh content related to your areas of practice, but these topics are more general and can be applied to almost any law firm. You rarely can go wrong posting new content, aim to do it as often as possible and try to stay creative. Over time you will see traffic, engagement and hopefully leads trend upward.

Contact Our Experts For A Free Law Firm Website Consultation

An effective law firm presence online requires implementing a strategy based on the objectives of your firm coupled with the delivery of results. We have a combined 50+ years of experience in legal marketing and will offer a level of customer focus that is unmatched in the industry. You will not regret choosing MileMark Media for your law firm marketing needs.

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What Our Clients Think

Here's what your peers in the legal community have to say about working with MileMark Media.

  • MileMark Media is top of the line when it comes to building beautiful websites that are both functional and interesting.

    Mark and his team are first class in the business and do not charge the exorbitant fees that their competitors charge. They provide great value to me as a business owner and I would wholeheartedly recommend them to any law firm that is looking to build a more modern and informative website.

    — Adrian Lobo, Lobo Law
  • Our law firm. Legacy Protection Lawyers, LLP, has been a Milemark Media client for several years.

    We've been very pleased both with the website they created for us and their ongoing level of support and service. They're extremely responsive. Their knowledge of legal marketing is unsurpassed. I highly recommend them to law firms looking to take their marketing efforts to the next level.

    — Bill McQueen, Legacy Protection Lawyers, LLP
  • Mile Mark Media has been a breath of fresh air.

    They are innovative, responsive and, most importantly, helping our firm create a robust online presence. I would recommend them without qualification.

    — Corey Bundza, Bundza & Rodriguez
  • Russell and MileMark Media are phenomenal.

    Russell Greenstein is a genuinely good person and his professional acumen is top-notch. Without question, he and his team have your firms best interests at heart. If you want to grow your lawfirm, hire MileMark.

    — Scott Skier, The Skier Law Firm, P.A.
  • Five stars for a MileMark Media!

    We switched over to MileMark when we were introduced through a trusted referral, and it was one of the best business decisions we made. They created a customized website that attracts the right clientele and that clearly presents our philosophy of practice. Often times it is hard to determine whether your investment in marketing is paying off. With MileMark, there's been a noticeable difference in our online presence. I highly recommend the MileMark Media team!

    — Lydia Hsu, Foster Hsu, LLP
  • Our law firm has been using MileMark Media for 2 years now and wow the results have been stellar.

    They completely revamped our website and gave us a good SEO and PPC package that has sent business through the roof. Now Google is our largest referral source from our marketing efforts. Mark and his team are very knowledgeable and responsive. We are extremely happy with their service and we look forward to continued success with the MileMark Media team.

    — Christine Stanley, The Stanley Law Group
  • We have been using MileMark Media, LLC for over a year. We had them completely redo our website and assist with digital marketing. They have been excellent and exceeded our expectations in every way!

    They are reasonable priced and deliver excellent service by being responsive and helping us with any issues we have. Do yourself a favor and hire them.

    — Robb Bunde, Bunde & Roberts, P.C.
  • Our firm has been beyond happy with the services provided by MileMark Media, especially after being on the hunt for awhile for a digital marketing and SEO company.

    Their entire team is prompt in their responses and delivers great value for the price of their services - always going above and beyond. We highly recommend their company (and have to many).

    — Lindsey Wagner, Scott Wagner & Associates, P.A.
  • Mile Mark Media is far and away the best website and social media developers ever.

    After 20 years and several thousands of dollars of attempting to achieve an internet presence, we have done so and are now on page one (1) of Google after only six (6) short months.

    — Catherine Rinaldo, Rinaldo Law Group
  • This company has been fantastic since I started with them.

    They have obtained such great results that when I follow up with some solicitations from other companies that make wonderful promises, they end up saying that they do not know whether they can get me any better results than that which I receive from MM.

    — Michael Davis, Boone & Davis
  • MileMark Media approached my law firm’s needs with not one individual but with its entire team of professionals.

    The website is amazing and we are very pleased with the MileMark Media team.

    — Michael Pike, Pike & Lustig, LLP

Contact Our Legal Marketing Experts Today

We aren’t the type of company to over-promise and under-deliver when it comes to building your legal website and/or law firm brand. We have built hundreds of custom, responsive law firm websites completely up to Google’s latest mobile and optimization standards, we work hard toward each of our clients’ goals. We have 50+ years of combined legal marketing expertise at MileMark Media, we exclusively build and market attorney websites for the legal industry. We utilize only the best strategies from our dozens of studies and experiences on optimizing sites, conversions, trends and outcomes. Boost your law firm’s presence online, contact our legal website & SEO experts for a free website consultation today.

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