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Jacksonville Law Firm Marketing

Legal Website Design & SEO In Jacksonville

According to a survey conducted by the American Bar Association in 2018, 23 percent of law firms did not have a website, and that was an increase of 15 percent from the year before. Law firms that do not have their own website are missing out on a huge marketing opportunity and if you do not yet have one, now is the time to create one. Without a website, you cannot reach potential clients, and you are already giving your competitor’s that do have an online presence the competitive edge. When you need a website that represents your firm and what it is all about, our Jacksonville law firm marketing experts are here to help.

Jacksonville Law Firm Web Design

If you do not yet have a website, or you have a site but it attracts the wrong type of clients, you may need a new web design, or a complete overhaul. When working with our Jacksonville law firm web design experts, you will not only attract more people to your law firm, but those users will be qualified leads that will have a much better chance of converting into your ideal client.

What are Responsive Websites and Why are They Important?

As a lawyer, you conduct a lot of research. While you may do much of this research at your desk on your desktop computer, you also likely do some of it on your phone or tablet. You probably also expect that no matter where you conduct your research, you can find the information you need quickly and easily. Potential clients have these same expectations and they too, are also using mobile devices to find your website. When the page does not load properly on that mobile device, or they have to excessively scroll or zoom in or out, they become frustrated.

This is why responsive website design is so important. Responsive website design is simply a design that identifies the type of device a person is using when they land on the website and then responds to it by displaying a website that is appropriate for that device. Without a responsive website design, you will turn off potential leads that may have converted into a client. Fewer leads will also see your website at all. In 2016, Google announced it would give priority to mobile websites, making it very difficult for non-responsive websites to rank high in the search engine results pages.

What Can a Law Firm Website Do for You?

Your law firm is the foundation of your online presence. Any paid ads you run will direct clients back to your website, and it will allow you to reach potential clients. A website is also a great place to show off your achievements. It is not uncommon for attorneys to use their website to show the success they have had with past cases. Working with an attorney that has a successful track record is important for all clients and your website will allow you to show off yours.

Something as simple as a website is critical to the success of your law firm. We know this, and it is why we dedicate ourselves to creating websites that are modern, polished, and most importantly, functional.

Features to Include in Jacksonville Law Firm Website

Aesthetics are very important for any law firm website, but a site also needs to be functional so potential clients can find the information they need quickly and easily. We understand this, which is why all of our law firm websites can include the following features:

  • User-friendly navigation tools
  • Seamless integration with social media platforms, such as Twitter
  • Automatic chatbots
  • Lead generations forms
  • Professional logos
  • Search functions
  • Calls to action
  • Inbound and outbound links
  • Location maps

When designing a website for your law firm, we will listen to your needs so the features most important to you are included.

Other Features We Include in Your Website Design

Having a responsive website that incorporates quality SEO strategies is important, but there is so much more to Jacksonville law firm web design, too. When working with us, we will also offer with other features, including:

  • A customized design for your law firm
  • A website that is easy to edit so you can make small changes quickly and easily
  • Video content integration
  • Automated review system
  • Local SEO
  • Marketing and PPC
  • Social media marketing
  • Secure and compliant hosting

After listening to your needs, we will design a website that incorporates the features you want and that will attract the clients your firm needs.

Going Mobile

Today, mobility matters. More and more Internet users are accessing the information they need online through their smartphone and tablet. If your website is not mobile-friendly, users will become frustrated when they cannot view it properly, and Google and the other major search engines may actually penalize you for it. We understand the importance of creating a mobile-friendly law firm website and will ensure that yours reaches all users, regardless of the device they are using to access your site.

Jacksonville Law Firm SEO

Search engine optimization (SEO) may sound like a concept that has only emerged in recent years, but it has been around since the 1990s. SEO is an essential online tool for businesses that want to promote themselves and capture potential leads, and that includes law firms. Whether you need to improve your SEO efforts, or employ these strategies for the very first time, our Jacksonville law firm SEO experts can help.

What is Search Engine Optimization?

SEO allows people to discover your business through an organic search. This means you do not need to invest in paid advertising in order for your site to be found. However, using proven SEO strategies and techniques is also not a one-time event as paid ads sometimes are. SEO is a systematic process and you should not worry if it takes a few weeks before the efforts start to pay off for your website.

SEO is firmly integrated with the development and design of your website. SEO uses both the content on your website and the quality of its technical structure to ensure Google and other major search engines direct users to your site once they have made a specific search query. The purpose of SEO is so your website is the one the search engines consider the best choice and of the highest quality for users.

Keywords are Key

There is a lot that goes into quality Jacksonville law firm SEO, but keywords are an integral part of any SEO efforts. Keywords are the words and phrases online users enter into search engines when they are looking for a specific good, service, or information. By using those same keywords on your website, the search engines will identify your website as one that will provide the information users are looking for and will place your website at the top of the search engine results page. Most users will not look past the first search engine results page, and some will not even scroll down very far on that first page.

Our law firm SEO experts know that as a lawyer, you are very busy helping your clients with their cases. We will take on the task of researching the best keywords for your website using Google’s Keyword Planner and other tools to ensure your website is found by the very users that are already searching for you.

Why Website Design is Important

Some people think web design and SEO are two different things and while that is true, the two do rely on each other. The speed of your website is critical to SEO because the major search engines will also use that as a ranking factor when listing your website in the search engine results page. All websites today must also be mobile-friendly, which is important when designing your site, but also plays a major role in SEO. Google now actually penalizes websites that are not mobile-friendly, so all elements must work together.

Why SEO is Important

Utilizing search engine optimization (SEO) strategies is of utmost importance when designing a website. Search engine optimization is just that. It optimizes your website so it can be found by the major search engines, including Google and Bing. Search engine optimization relies on keywords and inbound and outbound links that actually appear on your pages. However, much of SEO is also done behind the scenes of your website, ensuring that every page of your website loads quickly, and that guarantees users have a secure experience no matter where they are on your site.

Call Us Today to Get the Jacksonville Legal Website Your Firm Needs

If you do not yet have a law firm website, today is the day to get one. At MileMark Media, our Jacksonville law firm marketing team knows how to create a professional website that will reach potential clients that are already looking for your services and allow them to reach you with just the touch of a button. Call us today at 866-598-6235 or contact us online to learn more about how we can help your firm boost its online presence.

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