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Tallahassee Law Firm Marketing

Website Design & SEO Experts Near Tallahassee, FL

Creating a website for your law firm brings many benefits. It will attract people to your practice, and it should tell qualified leads that you are the only lawyer they should trust with their case. Still, so many Tallahassee law firm websites include only basic information and not much more. A quick search online will tell you that many attorney websites do not go beyond listing the attorney’s practice areas and perhaps some reporting on successful verdicts and settlements.

At MileMark Media, we know this is not enough. With this basic structure, leads do not know what your law firm is about, and trust is not instilled in the potential client. When trusting our Tallahassee law firm marketing experts to create your law firm website, you will have a site that will establish you as the authoritative voice and that incorporates a number of different features.

Tallahassee Law Firm Web Design

All lawyers in Tallahassee need a website. The legal industry is much more competitive than others with many law practices investing in billboards, television commercials, online marketing, and more. Not all of these marketing techniques are created equal. Television ads and radio spots are expensive, and they do not always garner the desired public response. The right Tallahassee law firm web design, on the other hand, is very cost-effective and can bring in qualified leads that convert into clients. Our law firm web design experts in Tallahassee can provide the website you need that is functional, professional, and polished.

How We Can Help with Your Law Firm Web Design

It is true that many legal marketing firms offer web design services. However, when you work with our Tallahassee law firm web design experts, you will receive an exceptional service that delivers the desired results you were hoping for. When working with us, we will create a website that:

  • Makes you more credible with your target audience
  • Allows you to stop wasting overhead on bad web design
  • Increases your online presence so more people can find you
  • Eliminates unqualified and inconsistent leads
  • Eliminates the problem of glitches and excessive downtime
  • Protects against the threat of viruses, phishing scams, and malware

Our team will also regularly back up your site and make any updates necessary so you can focus on what you do best – your practice and helping your clients.

We Tailor Your Website to You

No two law firms are the same and so, there is no such thing as a cookie cutter law firm web design. When you work with us to create your website, we will first simply listen to what you need. We will ask questions about your overall goals, who your ideal client is, and your requirements for branding and imaging. We do this to get the big picture of who you are and what your law firm provides, and to better understand your target audience to deliver what they are looking for, as well.

While we are learning more about your firm, we will also ask about marketing that you have done in the past. By evaluating your prior marketing efforts, we can determine what was effective about them, and what strategies may need improvement. We will also ask you to look towards the future so we understand what you want for your firm, and where you would like it to be several years from now. Finally, we will create a plan for your website that includes milestones so we can track and measure the success of your web design.

A Homepage

All pages of your website are important, but you should pay particular attention to your homepage. The homepage is the link you will use for social media platforms, online directories such as Google My Business, and more. Due to this, your homepage must provide a number of different functions. It must clearly communicate the services your law firm provides, and outline the benefits clients will reap when they choose you for their case. Your homepage must also tell potential clients how to contact you, preferably with just one touch, and provide all the answers to users’ questions.

A Blog

If you choose to, you can create a Tallahassee law firm website and not go any further. However, this will make it very difficult to constantly create the new and fresh content Google and other search engines are looking for when ranking websites. This means fewer people will visit your site, and you will not attract as many qualified leads as you could otherwise. A blog is a great way to overcome this problem and provide regular updates for the search engines, and new information for potential clients. Through a blog, you can also establish credibility with users, as you can showcase your knowledge of the law.

A Disclaimer

Your legal website must provide important information to people that are looking for it, but it also must comply with the American Bar Association’s guidelines for attorney marketing. This means choosing your words very carefully, never referring to yourself as an expert or specialist, unless you have certification, and always including a disclaimer that states the information on your site does not constitute legal advice. A disclaimer should also establish that contacting your firm does not create an attorney-client relationship, so they are under no obligation if they contact your firm.

Tallahassee Law Firm SEO

As a lawyer, you know how competitive the legal industry is, and that expands to your online presence. We know the competitive nature of your industry too, which is why we employ important SEO strategies on every law firm website we create. Using the best SEO practices helps ensure that your website is found by more potential clients that need help with their case. The strategies we will use for your site include keyword research, local content, inbound and outbound links, and more.

Content is Still King

There is a reason marketers and website designers consistently use the phrase “Content is king.” By simply creating content that contains important keywords and phrases, you can attract more clients to your website. PPC ads and other forms of marketing are also important, but using these keywords is one of the simplest ways to increase your reach online and attract more potential leads to your website. When working with us, we will use tools such as Google’s Keyword Planner to ensure the keywords used on your site reflect what users are searching for.

In addition to using important keywords and phrases, it is just as important that you regularly update the content on your site. This may include creating new pages for your website, or regularly updating your blog with new posts and fresh information. Our SEO experts can create this content for you that will attract more people to your site and convert potential leads into clients.

Local Content

You may think that you only need one page for each practice area on your website, but that is not true. Most online users today search locally, which means they will not search for “criminal defense lawyer” but will instead search for “Tallahassee criminal defense lawyer.” The more specific your web pages are, the more leads you will attract because you are simply including the geo-targets they are searching for.

Local content is important for another reason, too. While your firm is based in Tallahassee, you likely serve clients not only in the city, but in the surrounding area, too. As such, including pages for areas such as Thomasville, Woodville, and Jacksonville can attract users from these areas, as well.

Inbound and Outbound Links

Another important aspect of SEO practices is to include inbound and outbound links on all webpages. Inbound links direct users on another website to your site, while outbound links direct users to another website altogether. Both are important for your SEO efforts, but outbound links are particularly significant.

All outbound links should only point to authoritative websites, such as government resources, and they should be included on every page you create. Inbound links, on the other hand, act as a vote for your website, which tells the search engines your website is particularly informative. Creating inbound links on websites such as Google My Business can help you get more votes, and a higher ranking in the search engines results.

Our Tallahassee Law Firm Marketing Experts Can Help

Whether you need a completely new website, or your old one just needs some polishing, our Tallahassee law firm marketing experts at MileMark Media can help. We will create a professional homepage, an informative blog, a disclaimer that protects your firm, and more to ensure your website stands out from the competition. Call us today at 866-598-6235 or contact us online to get the website your law firm needs now.

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