Jeffrey S. Weiner – Miami Criminal Defense Attorney

MileMark Media is owned and operated by top notch internet marketing experts who are extremely competent and honorable.  We are very pleased to be clients of theirs and look forward to many more great years with them as our internet marketing company.

Michael L. Walker, Esq. – Clearwater Personal Injury and Litigation Attorney

I have used or tried over half a dozen website design companies only to constantly be disappointed with my investment, until I hired MileMark Media. Mark Weinstock and his company have went above and beyond to ensure that they produced a quality website for us with absolute satisfaction. MileMark Media has revived and revamped our website and Mark Weinstock goes out of his way to make sure his clients are happy, him and his team work with great passion and enthusiasm. I would highly recommend the MileMark Media team for anyone who is seeking a web designer and SEO.

James Fasig – Tallahassee Personal Injury Attorney

The Milemark Media team has taken our firm to the top of Google and we have realized a definite increase in clients via our website.  We are not only at the top of the local business listings, but also at the top of organic listings and pay-per-clicks.  Don’t take my word for it; look for a personal injury law firm in Tallahassee, using any terms you think might be used, and with most searches you can see us at the top in all three places: business, organic, and PPC. Even more importantly, our conversion rate his skyrocketed.  I strongly recommend Milemark Media.

Kevin J. Kulik – Fort Lauderdale Criminal Defense Attorney

MileMark Media is the best internet marketing company around for attorneys. I really enjoy working with them on my website. They are very hard working, informative and have helped my business tremendously.

Michael Pike – West Palm Beach Personal Injury and Business Litigation Attorney

MileMark Media approached my law firm’s needs with not one individual but with its entire team of professionals.  Each professional had a specified duty including, but not limited to, script, website development, search engine optimization, content and social media.  MileMark Media made no false promises. The company wasted no time developing the website and preparing for SEO.  The website is amazing!  Pike and Lustig is very pleased with the MileMark Media team.

Lynette Silon-Laguna – Tampa Family/Divorce Attorney

The professionals with whom I work with at Milemark Media are an excellent, dependable, and wonderful group! They are very attentive to detail and left no stone overturned in developing my website and transferring the content from my Findlaw website. I was very concerned about the transition to my new website; however, it was seamless.  My site did not lose its rankings on the search engines and, in fact, in some cases the rankings went up. They strive for excellence in everything they do and everyone is very responsive.. I cannot express how happy I am that I decided to go with Milemark Media, as there are many alternatives.  I definitely made the right choice.  In addition to the website they write blogs for my firm which are well written.  I have also hired them to provide search engine optimization for my site. I highly recommend you at least meet with Mark Weinstock or another of their representatives before you make that critical decision on who to obtain to create your professional website, optimize it, write blogs, etc..  Thank you to Mark, Jay, Jesse and Alan.  Outstanding!

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