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New ABA Journal Article, ‘.law’ suffix could set off a domain gold rush.

What are .law and .abogado?
.law is a top/level domain dedicated to lawyers. .law domains will only be available to qualified lawyers who satisfy strict eligibility requirements. This verification process will help ensure that a .law registrant is a licensed legal professional.

Why .law or .abogado?
This is a once in a lifetime opportunity for legal professionals to increase their online presence and rebrand their practices and the legal services industry on the Internet as a whole. .law offers a distinct, official, and trusted domain for the legal profession.

Only qualified lawyers are eligible to secure a .law or .abogado domain. A Qualified Lawyer is a professional who is licensed to practice law by an approved regulator of legal services in a given jurisdiction. A Qualified Lawyer must be identifiable as a currently licensed practitioner in the public records kept by the relevant approved regulator.

The registry that runs the .law and .abogado domain will engage an independent validation company to validate applicants for .law and .abogado domains based upon the criteria in the Eligibility Policy, and includes the right to request any additional information or documentation it deems necessary to complete the validation process.

When can I buy a .law or .abogado name?
Names will begin going on public sale to Qualified Lawyers on October 19, 2015.

October 18, 2015, The Early Access Period
During the Early Access Period (EAP), Qualified Lawyers will be able to register their desired names on a first come, first served basis for a one/time EAP fee in addition to the annual registration fee.

October 12 – minimum $12,500* + annual registration fee
October 13 – $3,125 + annual registration fee
October 14 – $1,188 + annual registration fee
October 15 – $625 + annual registration fee
October 16 – $125 + annual registration fee
October 17 – $125 + annual registration fee
October 18 – $125 + annual registration fee
*12,500 is minimum EAP fee for Standard domains. Premium domains have higher EAP fees.

From October 19, 2015 Forward
After EAP, domain names may be registered by Qualified Lawyers on a first/come, first/served basis at their standard or premium rates without any one/time EAP fees.

EAP Fees

Annual Registration Fees
Standard $210.00
Premium Tier I $375.00
Premium Tier II $540.00
Premium Tier III $1,070.00
Premium Tier IV $2,660.00
Premium Tier V $5,310.00

Where can I find more detail about .law or. abogado?
Contact MileMark Media who is an exclusive reseller of .law and .abogado domains.

How can MileMark Media offer me this opportunity?
Minds + Machines Group Limited (MMX) has been given an exclusive license as the registry operator for .law and .abogado by ICANN, the regulator of the Internet namespace. Dot Law, Inc., the management team selected by MMX, partnered with MileMark Media as an exclusive reseller. To learn more please visit, http://www.nic.law.







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